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The Government Is Paying People to Upgrade Their Home Comfort, Here’s Why

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The federal government has a goal of reducing electric prices by 9 percent by 2030, and in order to do so they need your help; and they are willing to fork over thousands in rebates and tax credits in return.

Thanks to the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act and the Home Energy Rebates Program,

The Best Tool Vests to Make Your Projects Even Easier

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There are plenty of good reasons to trade in that old tool belt for a tool vest. Since tool vests have far more surface area for pockets and pouches, they can hold more tools and fasteners. They also do a much better job of evenly distributing weight across the body, which makes them more comfortable to wear over longer periods.

Tool vests come in a variety of styles and a broad rang

Is Schlage’s Premium Smart Door Lock Worth the Money? We Tested It to Find Out

As far as smart locks go, Schlage’s Encode is certainly one of the most imposing, boasting the highest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) security rating, classy looks, and a bevy of automation features. However, the Encode is also one of the priciest smart locks on the market, which begs the question: Is it worth it? During our testing of the best door locks, we tested the Encode ourselves to find out if it was worthy of protecting our castle.
• Offered in 3 attractive trim styles and

The Best Lead-Generation Websites for Contractors of 2024

Lead generation is crucial to growing a successful contractor business, and one of the best ways to find valuable construction leads is through a lead-generation website. These sites give contractors access to numerous projects posted by homeowners throughout the country. Many of these sites don’t even require their users to pay a subscription fee to sign up, instead charging contractors to purchase individual leads. The best lead-generation companies will also often give contractors refunds for

The 6 Best Handyman Apps to Make Money: 2024 Picks

Why It Made the Cut: Jobber offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing a handyman business, including financial reporting, automated time-tracking options, and integration capabilities.

Jobber can check all the boxes to help a handyman streamline their back-office operations, making it a great option for businesses that can afford its somewhat steep price tag. With the platform’s real-time financial reporting feature, users can access updated invoices, look at financial projections

How to Organize Your Remodeling Expenses for Easy Tax Filing Next Year

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Energy-efficient home improvement projects and upgrades can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars when you file your taxes next year. But before you break ground, make sure you’re prepared. Knowing what receipts and documentation you need to stash away for tax season and what forms to fill out when you go to file your taxes is key to getting the most out of your home improvement project

Keep Your Sedan Shiny With the Best Pressure Washers for Cars

• Ample cleaning power yet not enough that it will strip paint
• Compact size and wheels make it easy to move around
• Plenty of onboard storage for wand, nozzles, and other attachments
• No way to switch from wash to rinse without emptying and cleaning the soap tank

This electric option from Craftsman checks all the boxes for those wanting a pressure washer for car-washing duties.

Its max 2,100 PSI is powerful enough to blast most grease and grime from a car without creating so much pressur

The American Standard Spectra Plus Duo Shower Head: A 2-in-1 With 4 Settings

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With its ability to deliver a soothing mist, a luxurious rainfall, a massaging stream, or a powerful rinse, the American Standard Spectra Plus Duo shower head uses a unique design to create one of the most attractive and versatile shower heads on the market today. Since this two-in-one shower head can be used in either a fixed or handheld configuration, it can meet the preferences of all users.

The 9 Best Roofing Shingles Brands of 2024

Replacing roof shingles is a major investment that can cost upwards of $10,000 or more, which is why taking the proper measures to ensure the roof lasts for a long time is crucial. While hiring the right company to install roofing shingles is one part of ensuring your new roof lasts a long time, so too is finding the right brand of shingle. But with so many shingle manufacturers and products to choose from, that’s not an easy task. While you can lean on your roofing company to help you decide, d

How to Touch Up Paint on Walls Like a Pro

The walls in your home take a tremendous amount of abuse from people, pets, and objects brushing up against them day after day. The daily grind can leave the walls looking the worse for wear. Paint chip repairs or peeling paint might also be the reason to refresh a wall’s paint.

While repainting an entire wall or room may not be in the budget or in your schedule, you can freshen up moderately worn-out walls by covering those dings and scuffs in an hour or two with some spackle, a roller, and so

The Best Paint for Garage Doors to Upgrade Your Home’s Look

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Covering an old and worn garage door with a fresh coat of paint—whether repainting a faded or peeling garage door or simply changing its color—can have a significant impact on a home’s curb appeal.

Along with choosing the perfect color, selecting an exterior paint for garage doors that can hold up to extreme weather and the constant up-and-down movement is essential. In this guide, w

5 Home Ownership Expenses That Are Tax Deductible—and 5 That Aren’t

If you bought your first home in 2023 or refinanced your home, then you might be in line to take advantage of some home buyer tax deductions that will help you toward a healthy tax return. Any home purchase or refinance comes with a long list of fees, like discount points, origination fees, and property taxes. The trick is figuring out which ones are deductible and which ones aren’t.

There are many tax-deductible expenses for first-time home buyers and those refinancing their homes. Just keep i

The Best Way to Maximize Your Tax Refund? By Investing in These Home Improvement Projects

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One of the best ways to spend a tax refund is to put it toward projects that will earn you tax credits, ensuring you get another sizable refund next year. Tax credits for these home improvement projects are no small potatoes. You stand to walk away with thousands—not to mention, save money in the long run—by upgrading your HVAC system, installing new insulation, or adding a renewable energy sourc

The Best Wood Stove Fans to Evenly Circulate Warm Air Through a Room

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Wood stoves may be a good source of secondary or even primary heat for a home or cabin, but on their own, they aren’t great at distributing the warm air they generate throughout a room. But that’s easy to change by adding a wood stove fan to this rustic heating system. These little fans are designed to sit on top of the wood stove, blowing the warm air created by the stove across the

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat Provided Energy-Saving Automation In Our Tests

The Google Nest Learning thermostat was one of the first smart-home thermostats on the market, having launched its first iteration in 2012. With a modern stainless steel cover, attractive full-color display, energy-saving automation, and loads of features, it’s one of the most impressive home thermostats money can buy. The Google Nest is also one of the priciest home thermostats available today, which begs the question: Is it worth the investment?

I spent several weeks testing the Google Nest L

20 Easy Backyard Updates You Can Do in a Day

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There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars and commit to several weekends of backbreaking work to improve the look of a drab backyard. From adding potted plants to building a bench, there are many simple projects you can complete in an afternoon—and on a tight budget—that will help give your yard a facelift. Need some inspiration? Our experts have some high-impact ideas for you.

Bringing lush

Lowe’s Presidents’ Day Sale 2024: Great Deals on Power Tools, Grills, Lighting Fixtures, and More

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Presidents’ Day is coming up on February 19, but Lowe’s already has all kinds of early deals to shop ahead of its official Presidents’ Day Sale. Outfit your workshop with discounts on Dewalt and Craftsman power tools. Change the look of your bedroom, kitchen or living room with low prices on lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. Or, get ready for the upcoming grilling and barbecue se

Turn Downed Branches Into Mulch With the Best Wood Chippers

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If you live on a wooded property, then you understand how trees can litter your yard with debris after a bad storm or an especially windy day. You can spend hours gathering up all those fallen branches and sticks and bagging them by hand, or you can save yourself time and labor by turning them into mulch with the help of a wood chipper.

Not only can a wood chipper break down branc

These Expert-Recommended Winter Work Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Warm and Protected

Working outdoors in winter weather is often hardest on your hands. You can keep your mitts from going numb with a good set of gloves, but not any old pair will do. A good set of winter work gloves has enough insulation to keep your hands warm while still being flexible enough to allow your fingers to work a cordless drill, operate a chainsaw, or man a snowblower.

Unlike gloves designed for winter recreation, winter work gloves have a rugged outer shell that’s tough enough to protect your hands

11 Ticking Time Bombs in Your House—and What to Do About Them

There are some home maintenance and repair issues that property owners are likely to put off because the tasks are time-consuming, expensive, or just don’t seem all that urgent at the time. Still other problems might be serious but remain hidden, and these are the kinds of catastrophes that can turn any dream home into a nightmare on Elm Street. Be prepared to spot and squelch these ticking time bombs in your own home before they go “boom.”

A small crack in the brick veneer of your home’s exter

The 5 Best Moving Companies in Chicago of 2024

Why It Made the Cut: Discounts for small moves, speciality packing services, and a liberal cancellation policy are just a few of the features that make United Van Lines one of the best in the business.

With the breadth of services it offers for those moving to and from a major metropolitan area, United Van Lines is a great option when it comes to Chicago moves. The company’s Snapmoves program offers reduced rates for moves from small apartments, studios, or tiny homes, making it a great budget

The 25 Smartest and Smallest DIYs You Can Do for Your Home

Do you have some free time this week to dedicate to home maintenance tasks, but don’t have a lot of dough to put into a big project? These easy upgrades and repairs don’t cost much and can be completed fairly quickly, but they can have a big impact on your wallet, your quality of life, and your home’s appearance.

If you thought the only time to think about replacing your weatherstripping was right before winter to keep out frosty drafts, think again. Give your weatherstripping another once-over

Best Router Tables in 2024

Mounting your router to a router table gives you several advantages over using this tool freehand. So, whether you’re a professional or a serious DIYer, finding the best router table for your needs is an important process. Indeed, routers come in full-size models that can handle large stock and smaller bench top varieties that you can take with you to the job site. In short, the choices are plentiful. Here are some of the best router tables out there.
• Best Overall: Bosch Bench Top Router Table
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